The introduction to the dissertation: is it difficult?

Today we will continue our series on the structure of the dissertation and, as promised, we will talk about the introduction.

Many students get in the way of introducing the text or because they do not know how to begin or because they do not understand how the introduction is structured and what it should contemplate. Its function everyone knows, after all, it is indicated by its own name: introduce a theme. But what does this mean and how should it be done?

Introducing a theme is to present to the reader what will be discussed in your text. For this, it is important that you consider two fundamental elements to this part of the argumentative essay text: the contextualization and the thesis or problemquestion.

You should start from the assumption that the reader does not know what you are going to write about, so it is important that you make a brief contextualization about it, a kind of scenario in which your discussion will be developed. At this point, you should present the question more comprehensively, then in the presentation of the thesis / problemmatter make a clipping, thus showing what will be the focus of your text and which point of view you will defend.

For example, when writing a essay onIncreasing waste production and its relation to consumption,” you can briefly contextualize thatthe issue of litter production today is a problem because the collection structure can not absorb and treat all the waste produced and this is the result of increased consumption. ” Then you can make a claim of type. “This scenario shows us the need to rethink the way we consume” (thesis) orThis scenario raises the question: Is it possible to continue to consume in this way without deteriorating the planet?”

Notice that by initiating the text in this way, through these two elements, you show the reader the path that will follow the long text, allowing it to create expectations about what will be discussed. It is therefore imperative that you build a coherent and wellgrounded introduction, with a good articulation between the context and the focus of the text (thesis / problemquestion), so that you can gain reader support from the very beginning.

To exercise, you can select some proposals and try to do just the introduction, rereading what you wrote and noting if the introduction you did actually fulfilled your role of introducing the theme. So perhaps by exercising separate parts of the dissertation, you can look more carefully at its structure and realize the importance of each of its parts.

Good studies and see you later!